Grade 11 And The Future

Just warning this is a ramble post.

Wow, only 2 years to go and then i’m out. Wow.

Though most would be excited and over joyed by the fact that in 2 short years they will never have to see school again, i’m scared as hell. In two short years I will have had to develop the skills needed to fend for myself in the big world.

As I will be moving away from this crappy ass town to study at University, I will need to have the skills and knowledge to get through all the challenges that I will face in the big smoke.

Luckily I have friends down where I am planning to go, it will most likely make the tasks easier. Still does not dull the fear that I am going to screw up big time, and knowing my luck it will be bad.

This year and the following year to come I plan to get my blue card (allows me to look after and care for children),  study to becoming a fitness trainer (only 32 week course part time), eventually do a SAT in Hospitality (Increases my chances of work at University) and complete my SAT in Legal Receptionist.

It sounds like allot of work, and it is, but I would rather be busy than bored as hell with nothing to do.

Also since I am only allowed to apply when I am 18, if in the future i still plan on becoming a lawyer I will be studying to become a Justice of The Peace, which allows me to do many things in a legal office.

I guess this whole post was just a way for me to sort out what is going on as if things continue to be bad I might have to speed things up. And grab the blue card by the end of the year to allow me to become a home stay nanny.


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