So yesterday was my 16th birthday (bloody finally), best thing about my 16th? I get to take me test soon n.n, bad thing? School goes back on Tuesday.

The day started off great with a wake up call from Jeff, despite the fact I had slept 4 hours max that night I was very happy after the call. I then got a chance to open up all the gifts (still waiting on two) but my favorite by far is the charm bracelet my parents got me with a 16th birthday charm on it (all i need now it to fill it up with more charms), it is silver and one of the most beautiful pieces i own n.n.

I sold a few clothes as well having people pick up their items throughout the day. Then the bomb dropped, few people were mucking up on the sell site including one of the girls that wanted to buy from me, because of the events i told the lady i was not going to sell her the clothes, that ended in hateful comments which caused tears YAY >.<

But besides that my birthday was alright, looking forward to my party next weekend though 😀


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