So This Is The End?

Being able to let go not because we want to but because we know it is best. 

That quote probably best describes the event that took place yesterday night. Jeffrey and I had been together for 17 months in total or 1 year 5 months and 4 days (Timenotes in your face!). On Saturday I had found out after a recent ‘session’ (Yeah lets call it that) that i was no longer attracted sexually to him, but only sexually in every other aspect I was.

I still love the man, but after a lengthy discussion last night (after he finally hopped online) we both decided that it would be best to end it, despite the fact I did not cry (And still have yet just wait for it) it has made my heart sad, he meant the world to me, and still does. 

But I guess it was best for both of us, and Jeffrey, if you are reading this (If you even remember the site) I do love you, you silly man. But obviously it was not meant to be, good luck love.


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